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West Hill Cliff Railway

Hastings 5.3 miles from Bexhill-on-Sea
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The West Hill Cliff Railway is a fascinating attraction offering a unique way to ascend the steep slopes of West Hill. This historic funicular railway provides a convenient and enjoyable means for tourists to reach the top of the hill and explore its captivating surroundings. The railway, also known as the West Hill Lift, consists … more

Hastings Miniature Railway

Hastings 5.4 miles from Bexhill-on-Sea
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Hastings Miniature Railway is a charming attraction in Hastings, East Sussex, England, offering a delightful experience for tourists of all ages. It is a narrow-gauge railway that runs along the seafront, providing scenic views and a nostalgic journey. The railway features miniature steam and diesel locomotives that pull open carriages, allowing visitors to enjoy a … more

Hastings Miniature Railway

East Hill Cliff Railway

Hastings 5.4 miles from Bexhill-on-Sea

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Rush, Witt & Wilson
Rush, Witt & Wilson

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