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Fairtrade in Bexhill

There is alot of interest in Fairtrade in Bexhill –shops,cafes,businesses, schools, churches, etc. Not least the Town Hall which uses only Fairtrade tea and coffee as appropriate. There are a number of people who would like to obtain Bexhill Fairtrade Town status here to coordinate the development. If you are interested / have any relevant views please e-mail. Just drinking a cup of Fairtrade tea/coffee can make poverty history for a small farmer and his family -amazing! thanks.

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    Chris: Dear Chris, I remember replying to your message –thank you —but it was probably on personal e mail address. ( however if I did not ….)
    Congrats on your business, and you are one of a number helping others to trade fairly and enjoy a good product !
    Many shops now are responding to “thinking ” shoppers and selling Fairtrade goods. There are at least 3 large suppliers who deliver to Bexhill and district each week ( eg Herbert and Wards, Partners Tea and Coffee, Infinity Foods, etc ). The Fairtrade Committee and or myself would be only too pleased to assist you in any way — please contact us for any specific request, or info on Fairtrade. Many thanks again and good luck.

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